Technology & Expertise

Technology and Expertise in Crystal Growth and Material Fabrication

Our staff team has over 5 decades of experience in crystal growth and material fabrication.

Crystal Growth

From chemical synthesis to oven design to developing growth profiles specifically suited to each type of crystal, GAMDAN has focused on the complete system and process in order to produce crystals of the highest quality.

  • We start with chemicals of the purest quality specifically selected for the process.
  • Our oven systems are custom designed to match the growth profile of each type of crystal.
  • We construct our oven systems using the highest quality ceramic and aerospace material available in the industry to minimize ion contamination.
  • Every chemical used in our synthesis is assessed to avoid absorption in the relevant wavelength.
  • Every compound used in our polishing system is accessed to avoid UV contamination.


An exceptional high laser damage threshold and excellent physical properties makes LBO an ideal candidate for high power Green- Blue- UV conversion of solid state and fiber lasers.

As laser pulses shortens and average power continue to increase, the surfaces of the LBO crystal often sees the highest power density.  Surface damages and the resulting loss of output power and the distortion of the beam caused by localized absorption resulting in thermal instability are some of the major issues in high power applications. Small traces of contaminants during the growth and fabrication process can lead to these major breakdown issues, especially in the UV.  Our super-low absorption bulk crystal, combined with our proprietary UV-grade super polish process is critical for highest damage threshold and stability in long term operations.  


This classic NLO has one of the highest conversion efficiencies in the UV region. Paired with its high damage threshold, it can be used for generation of light deep into the UV with significant power.

We offer low absorption BBO crystals of the highest quality and consistency.  Please contact us for test data on our BBOs. 

With absolute focus on the most demanding applications, we have developed solutions specifically excels in high peak and average power densities, deep into the UV.