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Products and Services - Nonlinear Optical Crystals

GAMDAN Optics provides turn-key solutions for the following Nonlinear Optical and Laser Crystals, complete with our proprietary UV-grade super polishing for highest damage resistance and proven high damage threshold coatings.  Damage threshold and laser lifetime data may be available upon request.

  • LBOExceedingly Low Absorption, (IR absorption <10ppm/cm as measured by PCI (Photo-thermal Common-path Interferometry) adjusted with calibration factor of 3).  Highest Surface Quality (S/D of 0/0, <5A roughness).  Dimensions up to 30 x 30 x 40mm, length up to 60m (depending on aperture).  Please contact us for special dimensions.
  • KTP: 
    • KTP GTR(Grey Tracking Resistant, hydrothermally-grown) for SHG from IR to green
    • KTP OPO material: Excellent Uniformity (lambda/10) material for OPO applications 
  • BBO
    • BBO material for Q-switching: Long Z-cut dimension, 20-30mm long.  Complete free of visible defects.
    • BBO OPO material: Large dimensions, with Excellent Uniformity (lambda/10) and Great Conversion Efficiency
    • UV grade low absorption BBO for deep UV
  • Nd:YVO4 custom- growth for intra-cavity generation of IR, low absorption, with strict dopant concentration control.  Striae-free material with <0.5% dopant concentration available up to 35mm length.

Please contact us for test results.



From our facility in San Jose, California we provide complete material fabrication services with short turn-around time. We offer reduced rework pricing for our own products.  Our technical staff have more than 30 years of crystal growing and precision fabrication experience.  For continuous improvement of our processes we operate with a complete quality and traceability system.

Some of our services are 

  • X-ray Orientation/Cutting
  • Polishing/Rework, Highest Quality with Turn Around on Demand
  • Programmable Dicing

Fabrication Specs

  • Clear aperture: 90% central area
  • Orientation: < +/-5'
  • Transmitted wavefront: l/10 at 633 nm
  • Flatness: l/10 at 633 nm
  • Size tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm
  • Wedge angle tolerance: +/-0.15 deg
  • Paralellism: < 20"
  • Perpendicularity: 5'
  • Scratch/Dig: Typical 10/5, Super Polished to 0/0 available upon request